Free, Self-Guided Halloween Tour

Posted on Monday, October 31 2005 by Heather Brandon

The unrolling of is the best news of the month, and at a fitting time of year. This Halloween, take a self-guided tour through the Springfield neighborhood of your choice. Care for a frightening glimpse of dilapidated homes? Look no further than the list of housing with “multiple” complaints. Checking out haunted jalopies? Take note of those streets with several “unregistered motor vehicles.”

What’s heartening about these lists of complaints of code violations is that they jibe completely with what I’ve observed and thought about calling someone to complain but …haven’t yet. Now I can check the list and go, oh, okay, they’ve already got that one. Including my neighbor on the left, and my neighbor on the right. (Literally.) I think I have fewer neighbors who aren’t already on this list than neighbors who are. Which just means I don’t have to travel far for my self-guided tour. Lucky me!

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