Monsters Behind the Door

Posted on Thursday, October 27 2005 by Heather Brandon

New Jersey is slamming the door on its sex offenders who might see Halloween trick-or-treating as an opportunity for monster-like behavior, of the criminal variety. From an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, quoting a letter sent to sex offenders across the state:

…You are not allowed to go to Halloween parties at schools or other sites where children will be present.
…You are not allowed to go out trick-or-treating with any children.
…Offenders are not allowed to answer their door for trick-or-treaters.

Maureen Kanka, mother of Megan of Megan’s Law (raped and murdered by a two-time sex offender), was quoted in the story, “Pedophiles like to be around kids. They should never be around them or have access to them ever. And if kids think of them as monsters, I see nothing wrong with that.”

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