Dead Bird, Dead Bird

Posted on Monday, October 3 2005 by Heather Brandon

A Saturday morning family stroll through the recently-renovated Court Square in downtown Springfield is a refreshing start to the day. The gurgling restored fountain is attractive… the brick pavement so handsome… the clipped and manicured grass lovely to behold on a warm autumn day. Look at the children frolic and play.

Yes, a lovely scene indeed. But wait. What’s that lying in the mulch, in that glorious spot of morning sunshine? Come on children, let’s all investigate.

Ew. Uh, kids, yeah, that’s a dead pigeon, alright. What happened to it? Well, it’s hard to say. Okay, yeah, you can turn it over with your shoe—careful there. Ew, yeah, its legs are stiff. Indeed, it looks to have no head. I don’t know why it has no head. I don’t know what happened to it. I have never seen this kind of thing… a headless pigeon just lying there. Yeah this is definitely weird.

Okay well let’s continue our walk in the other direction. Look at what a fine handsome day this is! Downtown Springfield has never looked better. Oh, look up there in that tree, a cute little squirrel is smiling down upon us.

Observe while it watches us watching it. A little flick of its furry tail. It must be collecting nuts for the winter, eh, kids?

But wait. Ew, look at its face. What is wrong with that squirrel? No, it does not look well. I wonder what is wrong with it. Look, it is totally mangled and bloody! Kids, stay back from the tree. What the…?

It definitely does not look well. It looks like it almost lost an eye or two. Yeah, maybe it got into a bad fight. You think it fought with the pigeon, and the pigeon lost? Could be, could be. I wonder if I should call someone…? Who do you call about a mangled squirrel and dead bird in a quiet downtown park?

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