Old First Church on Springfield’s Court Square

Posted on Tuesday, October 2 2007 by Heather Brandon

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  1. Erica

    How about the MA convention bureau people purchasing it and making it into rent-able conference and/or office space? A lot of small business owners could use occasional conference space for small presentations, lectures, meetings, etc. If space could be rented by the hour, it might often be utilized.

  2. Ralph Slate http://www.springfield-history.com

    The interior of that building is so beautiful, so period, and so significant to Springfield’s history, that I think we should focus on viable uses that preserve both the interior and exterior. Only if those efforts fail do I think we should pursue an option that sacrifices the interior in exchange for the building being saved.

  3. Sheila McElwaine

    Why don’t people interested in re-use of Old First Church convene an ad hoc committee to explore the options, taking their guidance from the excellent publications put out by the National Trust for Historic Preservation? This is certainly not the first house of worship which has outlived its original congregation nor is it the only one in Springfield. Although interesting ideas are often floated on blogs and websites, sound planning for reuse of heritage buildings requires something more formal and more sustained. Membership on such a committee should include representatives from the church, the Springfield Preservation Trust, the Historic Commission, the planning dept., and the Armory Quadrangle Civic Assoc. among others.

  4. Urban Compass | Blog Archive | Changes at Old First Church http://urbancompass.net/?p=889

    [...] names of officials who will be present at today’s announcement regarding the future of the building, including Mayor Ryan, Finance Control Board Executive Director Stephen Lisauskas, Old First Church [...]

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