Thanks, Readers

Posted on Thursday, April 22 2010 by Heather Brandon

Thanks, readers, for supporting Urban Compass as “best local blog” in the readers’ poll for the Advocate‘s Best of Hartford 2010. It came in third place behind Colin McEnroe’s To Wit and Victoria Failla’s Gluten Free Vegetarian Connecticut. Kerri Provost at Real Hartford highlights a few winners and runners-up in the city of Hartford.

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  1. Herb


  2. Bill Dusty

    No offense to any of the winning blogs, but I think indie blogs should have their own category. The corporate blogs get their media parents boosting them in their print editions. We’re on our own, with most folks hearing about us via word-of-mouth. Not exactly a level playing field. I’ve been fortunate, having been on Bax & O’Brien a couple of times, but there’s some fine blogs out there that should be recognized – like Mark Alamed’s “Exploring Western Mass”. I also think indie bloggers put quite a bit more effort into our sites, with design considerations, self-promotion, etc., being a part of what we do.

  3. Bill Dusty

    Oh – and congrats to you, Heather!

  4. Sheila McElwaine http://!?

    Congrats from me too, Heather, but Springfield still misses you and your thoughtful take on what goes on in up here. W also miss the days when you and Bill and Tommy Devine were all blogging about Springfield life and politics. Oh yeah, and of course we also miss the openness, task-orientation and steady accomplishments of Charlie Ryan and the Financial Control Board, too.

    Between the loss of “our” blogs, the return to “business as usual” in City Hall and the Incredible Shrinking McPaper, we have no real sense of what goes on in Springfield these days.

  5. Matt Ritter

    Heather- congrats on this well deserved recognition and sorry I missed you at Tomas’ party on Saturday night. Best,

  6. Heather Brandon

    Thanks all. Much appreciated.

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