Potluck Slideshow Feb. 24 at Billings Forge

Posted on Tuesday, February 9 2010 by Heather Brandon

Janice La Motta

Janice La Motta

Janice La Motta (pictured at right), program coordinator at the Studio at Billings Forge, 563 Broad Street in Hartford, is arranging a community event at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, February 24. La Motta said she hopes it might “develop into a regular forum for bringing together diverse members of the arts community, and anyone else who’s interested.”

Studio at Billings Forge. Photo © H Brandon

Studio at Billings Forge. Photo © H Brandon

The potluck slideshow, open to the public (admission is a food dish to serve four and a non-alcoholic beverage), is a chance for artists to share images of their work or even short video pieces after visitors and other artists have milled about eating food everyone has contributed.

La Motta notes the event will offer a “forum for open dialogue and exchange” among artists and the public, also “bringing an awareness of the diverse forms of visual art to the community at large.” The slideshow will be preceded by the potluck dinner the attendees make possible.

Any images of finished pieces or works in progress are invited (deadline: Friday, February 19). The bar is low to get in: everything contributed to the slideshow will be presented. Details about submission guidelines are below.

Submission Guidelines by February 19

• Artists may submit up to 5 images.
• Images must be in jpeg format. Prefix each file with your name (ie-ArtistName_01.JPG)
• Put the images in the order that you would like them presented and number accordingly.
• Image size should fit within a rectangle 1,024 pixels wide x 768 pixels tall.
• Videos are accepted—not to exceed 60 seconds.
• Include with images: name, title, date completed and medium.
• Provide a separate file that includes your name, contact information and brief biography.
• Submissions should be sent to: potluckslides [at] gmail.com

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