ULI Day Three: Interviewee List

Posted on Wednesday, September 27 2006 by Heather Brandon

Who exactly was interviewed yesterday by the visiting ULI panel, you ask? Here is the complete list; 131 of these showed up for the in-person interviews, and several more will hopefully be reached by phone to follow up. Today Springfield’s chief development officer David Panagore said that it will likely be about 140 people interviewed in all.

Kim Alston, Owner, Daryl’s Place
Bill Arnold, Community Music School
Paul Astuto, Pazzo Restaurant
Jim Aubin, Pine Point Neighborhood Council
Paul Bacon, Cornerstone Realty, MassMutual
Lisa Baker, Attorney, Baker Family Law
James Balise, President, Balise Motor Sales Co.
Carol Baribeau, Regional Director, Verizon
Allan Blair, Executive Director, Western Mass. Economic Development Council
Robert Bonsall, Disability Management Services, Inc.
Steve Bradley, Community Relations, Baystate Medical
Heather Brandon, Resident
Tim Brennan, Executive Director, Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
Kathy Brown, President, East Springfield Civic Association
Charles Brush, Indian Orchard Mills
Thomas Burton, President/CEO, Hampden Bank
Juan Campbell, Sales Director, Health New England
Etta Caputo, Owner, Red Rose Restaurant
Fran Cataldo, Partner, C&W Realty Co.
Leon Charkoudian, 122 Chestnut Apartments
Al Chwalek, Director, Springfield Department of Public Works
Jose Claudio, New North Citizens’ Council
Steve Clay, Director, YMCA
Richard Collins, President, United Bank
Clodo Concepcion, President, Sixteen Acres Civic Association
Charlie Contant, Director, Step Up Springfield
Ron Copes, VP Community Resources, MassMutual
Jasmine Cortez, Liberty Life Action Team
Sue Craven, President, Indian Orchard Civic Association
Tom Creed, Senior VP, Sovereign Bank of New England
Tim Crimmons, President, Bank of Western Mass.
Patricia Crutchfield, Director, Cambridge College
Bill Cunningham, Jr., VP, Astro Chemical
John Cutter, President/CEO, Friendly Ice Cream Co.
Bob Dashevsky, Forest Park Civic Association/Jewish Comm.
John Davis, Irene E. & George A. Davis Foundation
Gloria Defilipo, Pine Point Neighborhood Council
Ken Delude, President, WestMass Development
Tom Dennis, Dennis Engineering Group
Michael Denny, Director, New North Citizens’ Council
Kerry Diets, Chairperson, Springfield Planning Board
Jack Dill, President, Colebrook Co.
Steve Dinoia, President, Easter Advertising
Mike Dobbs, Editor, Reminder Publications
Paul Doherty, Esq., Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy
John Doleva, President, Basketball Hall of Fame
Glenn Edwards, Chart Organization LLC
Janet Edwards, Owner, Edwards’ Books
Armando Feliciano, Chairman, Springfield Redevelopment Authority
Gary Fialky, Attorney, Bacon & Wilson, P.C.
Herbie Flores, President, Brightwood Development Co.
Leo Florian, President, South End Community Council
Barbara Footit, Springfield Planning Board
Joe Frigo, Owner, Frigo’s Gourmet
Nick Fyntrilakis, Director, Community Resources, MassMutual
Peter Gagliardi, Director, HAP, Inc.
Jason Garand, Organizer, N.E. Regional Council of Carpenters
Robert Gelinas, Attorney
Katherine Gibson, Head of School, MacDuffie School
Dan Glaville, Esq., Director of Gov’t Affairs, Comcast
Perman Glenn, Attorney
Gumercindo Gomez, Veteran’s Affairs
Carlos Gonzalez, Director, Latino Chamber
Pedro Gonzalez, Owner, New World Travel
Walter Gould, President, Outer Belt Civic Association
Samuel Hamner, President, Field, Eddy & Bulkley, Inc.
Jane Hetzel, Forest Park Civic Association
Dan Higgins, Blue Moon Coffee Roasters
Ernestine Johnson, President, Bay Citizens Council
Mary Johnson, YWCA
Omega Johnson, President, Old Hill Citizens Council
Linda Langevin, Six Corners Council
Jim Langone, Chairman, Riverfront Commission
Jessie Lanier, Kentucky Fried Chicken
Patrick Leary, Moriarty and Primack
Kathleen Lingenberg, Director, Housing and Neighborhood Services
Bill Lochenmeyer, Human Resources, Smith & Wesson
Doug Macmillan, Broker, Macmillan & Sons, Inc.
Vincent Maniaci, President, American International College
Patrick Markey, Robinson & Donovan
Robert McCarroll, Chairman, Historic Commission
Vince McCorkle, President/CEO, Sisters of Providence Health
Sheila McElwaine, Forest Park Civic Association/Community Activist
Ricardo Miranda, Owner, Miranda Auto Body
James Morton, Massachusetts Career Development Institute
Aimee Munnings, Director, N.E. Black Chamber of Commerce
Paula Newcomb, CPD Representative, US Dept. HUD
Hai Nguyen, Owner, Pho Saigon
Juliette Nguyen
Khanh Nguyen, Director, Boat People S.O.S.
Paul Peter Nicolai, Attorney, Nicolai Law Group P.C.
Belle Rita Novak, Forest Park Farmer’s Market
Adrienne Osborn, President, Upper Hill Council
Paul Picknelly, President, Monarch Enterprises
Karen Powell, Resident
Rodney Powell, President, Western Mass. Electric Co.
Arlene Putnam, VP, Eastfield Mall
Michael Quijano, Superintendent, NPS Armory
Liam Reynolds, Samuel D. Plotkin & Associates, Inc.
Steve Roberts, President, F.L. Roberts & Co., Inc.
Tim Rooke, VP, Chase, Clarke, Stuart & Fontana, Inc.
Marco Rosario, Owner, Mardam Signs
Ira Rubenzahl, President, STCC
Janice Santos, Director, Head Start
Elaine Sarsynski, VP, MassMutual
Jeff Scavron, MD, Brightwood Health Center
Robert Schwartz, Peter Pan Bus Line
Salvatore Scibelli, Salvatore’s Restaurant
Ken Sinkiewicz, Deputy Director, Mass. Convention Center
Larry Slezak, Director Fine Arts, STCC
Elliott Stratton, Council of Churches of Greater Springfield
Patrick Sullivan, Director, Springfield Parks and Facilities Mgmt.
Joe Superneau, Director, Springfield Water and Sewer Commisssion
Ben Swan, Jr., President, McKnight Council
Henry Thomas, Director, Urban League
Mark Tolosky, President/CEO, Baystate Health
Arthur Tonini, Deputy Director, US Dept. HUD
Henry Twiggs, Resident
Mary Tzambazakis, CFO, City of Springfield
Nancy Urbschat, TSM Design
Erica Walch, President, Armoury-Quadrangle Civic Association
Bill Ward, Director, Regional Employment Board
Lee Weissman, Owner, Gus & Paul’s
Keith Wepler, Owner, Theodore’s
Bud Williams, City Council
Donald Williams, President/CEO, Westfield Bank
Kathryn Wilson, Behavioral Health Network
Victor Woolridge, Managing Director, Babson Capital Management
Mary Kay Wydra, Director, Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
Hang Yan, Executive Director, Vietnamese-American Civic Association
Roger Zepke, Real Estate Developer

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