Integrating a City-Based Transportation Plan

Posted on Thursday, December 31 2009 by Heather Brandon

The public is invited to a meeting on Tuesday, January 5, 5:30 pm at Hartford City Hall for a city council planning and economic development committee meeting focusing on transportation initiatives. Updates will be offered on various plans in the works, and representatives will be present from the state, region and city in a sort of unprecedented opportunity to consider multiple levels of activity and potential.

An email sent this morning from City Councilman Jim Boucher noted:

In recent years, Hartford transportation strategies have been the subject of significant study and planning, and in many ways have become a core priority to the city’s future development related to strengthening connections to other major cities (Springfield, New Britain, New Haven, New York, Boston); connecting to Bradley International Airport; strengthening mass transit options; providing shovel-ready opportunities; and renewing more favorable transportation and community development options (Hub of Hartford; major avenue enhancements).

At Tuesday’s meeting, the committee will consider recent planning developments and their relationship to local economic development, as well as further steps the city can take to support the initiatives.

The meeting will include State Rep. David McCluskey, Hartford Chief Operating Officer David Panagore, Director of DPW Kevin Burnham, CRCOG representatives Lyle Wray and Tom Maziarz, and Hub of Hartford steering committee chairman Bob Painter.

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