Signs of Vitality

Posted on Tuesday, November 17 2009 by Heather Brandon

Clearly a few things are happening here

Clearly a few things are happening here. Photo © H Brandon

Walking around New Haven recently, I came across this interesting telephone pole (pictured) outside the York Street House of Noodles.

While countless staples and wads of paper remnants aren’t terribly attractive on a telephone pole—I find the net effect is a sort of permanently bedraggled snow-blown look—their lingering presence speaks volumes about the vitality of the community around it. The sheer quantity of staples alone tells us this telephone pole has seen a lot of pieces of paper.

These staples tell a story of people reaching out in one of the most basic ways we know how—and not through paid advertising, nor even necessarily through legally sanctioned means. A community nearby is looking to find people, attract them, notify them, sell them something, or bring them together. It’s a sign of signs gone by.

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