Hartford Board of Education Election Results

Posted on Wednesday, November 4 2009 by Heather Brandon

From left: Hudson, Brad Noel, Cotto, and Davila. Photos by H Brandon

From left: Hudson, Brad Noel, Cotto, and Rodriguez-Davila. Photos by H Brandon

The results aren’t yet official, but The winners of the four elected seats on the Hartford Board of Education appear to be are Lori Hudson (D), Elizabeth Brad Noel (WFP), Robert Cotto, Jr. (WFP), and Luis Rodriguez-Davila (D). Read more about them at last week’s forum in a blog post at Real Hartford.

The fifth vote-getter, Sharon Patterson-Stallings (WFP) lost by an initial 17 vote count. Early word last night was that it was just a 12-vote difference.

A total of 9,904 people 3,527 people cast 9,904 ballots in the election. This is a drop in voter participation from 2005, the last time the board of education was elected. That year, 10,284 votes were cast, and the highest vote-getter (Andrea Comer) received 2,453 votes.

To see how each district broke down, take a look at the results (PDF) from the city’s Registrar of Voters Office. (Thanks to Brendan Mahoney for providing them.) The voting districts in the table coincide with this map (PDF) showing where they are in the city.

Here are the total numbers for the four winning candidates:

Lori Hudson: 1,472
Elizabeth Brad Noel: 1,441
Robert Cotto, Jr.: 1,261
Luis Rodriguez-Davila: 1,208

While making calls on Monday to help get out the vote, on behalf of the Hartford Votes Coalition, I found that about two thirds of the numbers I called were no longer in service. It made me wonder how accurate our voter participation numbers really are. The 2005 statistic is said to be about 8.5 percent of the city’s voting population, and this year it’s said to be about 7 percent. But we may have fewer voters than we think. How accurate is our voter list?

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