At Billings Forge in Frog Hollow, Broad Street, Hartford

Posted on Wednesday, April 8 2009 by Heather Brandon

Browse through more photos of the Billings Forge complex in my flickr set. To see what classes are being offered this spring at the Studio, download a flyer (PDF). Classes start this week.

3 Responses to “At Billings Forge in Frog Hollow, Broad Street, Hartford”

  1. Kerri

    We’re really fortunate to have such a neat performance and community space in Hartford. Great photos, Heather!

  2. Heather Brandon

    Thanks Kerri.

    Proponents of mixed-use space and smart growth at the state level should make a point of visiting Billings Forge if they haven’t already. It’s just down the street from the Capitol.

  3. Luis Cotto

    Great job, Heather! You really encapsulated at least what the people behind this whole project want to do.

    Heidi Green of 1000 Friends of Connecticut ( is a big fan of the space and has been to a majority of our presentations at The Studio. I’ve also seen her at The FireBox on more than one occasion. She’s definitely someone who practices what she preaches.

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