Hartford’s Old North Cemetery

Posted on Tuesday, October 21 2008 by Heather Brandon

See more of the Old North Cemetery in my photo set on Flickr.

6 Responses to “Hartford’s Old North Cemetery”

  1. Jeff http://ldopa.net

    Excellent pics! I can’t wait to steal them and pass them off as my own.


  2. Dan Russell http://www.flawlesswalrus.com

    Do you plan on photoshopping yourself many times over in the shots like @JamesPlankton ‘s cemetery photos?


  3. Heather Brandon http://urbancompass.net

    Jeff, haha.

    Dan, when it comes to cemetery photo shoots, I’m unambitious and dull compared to @JamesPlankton.

  4. Real Hartford » City Council Agenda http://ctlocalpolitics.net/realhartford/2008/10/23/city-council-agenda/

    [...] Urban Compass for cemetery photos. 14. OPERATIONS, MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET COMMITTEE, with accompanying [...]

  5. Hartford Watcher

    These are great photos. I am sure that you know that only a few weeks ago the cemetery was a bleak, overgrown, desolate eyesore. The United Way sponsored a Day of Caring for local organizations in cooperation with the Knox Foundation to clean up another one of the City’s overlooked treasures. I have many photos of the “before” that are no so attractive.

    The City of Hartford will undoubtedly let the bucolic scene deteriorate. It’s what they are good at.

  6. Heather Brandon http://urbancompass.net

    Thanks Hartford Watcher. I didn’t know the details about the condition of the cemetery, but knew the city was making an effort and there is a lot to the story as you indicate. The place could really benefit from care with attention to detail. It’s being vandalized, needs protection and repair, not just an occasional mow (although that’s a step in the right direction).

    Are you able to share the before photos? Let me know if so, I’d like to share those with any interested readers.

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