Hartford’s Old North Cemetery

Posted on Tuesday, October 21 2008 by Heather Brandon

See more of the Old North Cemetery in my photo set on Flickr.

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  1. Jeff http://ldopa.net

    Excellent pics! I can’t wait to steal them and pass them off as my own.


  2. Dan Russell http://www.flawlesswalrus.com

    Do you plan on photoshopping yourself many times over in the shots like @JamesPlankton ‘s cemetery photos?


  3. Heather Brandon http://urbancompass.net

    Jeff, haha.

    Dan, when it comes to cemetery photo shoots, I’m unambitious and dull compared to @JamesPlankton.

  4. Real Hartford » City Council Agenda http://ctlocalpolitics.net/realhartford/2008/10/23/city-council-agenda/

    [...] Urban Compass for cemetery photos. 14. OPERATIONS, MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET COMMITTEE, with accompanying [...]

  5. Hartford Watcher

    These are great photos. I am sure that you know that only a few weeks ago the cemetery was a bleak, overgrown, desolate eyesore. The United Way sponsored a Day of Caring for local organizations in cooperation with the Knox Foundation to clean up another one of the City’s overlooked treasures. I have many photos of the “before” that are no so attractive.

    The City of Hartford will undoubtedly let the bucolic scene deteriorate. It’s what they are good at.

  6. Heather Brandon http://urbancompass.net

    Thanks Hartford Watcher. I didn’t know the details about the condition of the cemetery, but knew the city was making an effort and there is a lot to the story as you indicate. The place could really benefit from care with attention to detail. It’s being vandalized, needs protection and repair, not just an occasional mow (although that’s a step in the right direction).

    Are you able to share the before photos? Let me know if so, I’d like to share those with any interested readers.

  7. cathy

    I was wondering WHEN these pictures were taken? Because I was IN this cemetary yesterday, July 24, 2009 and it is beyond discusting! It’s horribly overgrown with weeds and brush as tall as my car! This is such a historic cemetary, and NOBODY maintains it? I find it discusting and discusting that you have these MISSLEADING pictures on the internet. If anyone wants to see what it looks like now, email me because I have pictures from yesterday. It’s discusting! How disrespectful to the famous, and not famous PEOPLE who lived, and died in Hartford. I have an Unlcle, who was 8 years old when he died ( yes before I was born) who is buried here and I cannot find him! the weeds are all about 5 feet tall! Nobody can EVER find their loved one in here! Something needs to be done and these pictures are NOT what this Once beautiful historic Cemetary looks like today. So sad……….


  8. Heather Brandon http://urbancompass.net

    These pictures were taken on Sunday, October 19, 2008, just after an effort had been made to clean up this often-neglected and important place.

  9. Anne Kaufman

    Great pics! Say, is there anyone to contact who could locate a grave or tell me where to look? I’m visiting May 24-25, 2010 and will be looking for Noah Washburn (1814) and his wife Bathsheba Sexton Washburn (1829). Thanks!

  10. Stephen Schwartz

    I have great great great great grandparents buried in Old North Cemetery in Hartford and I am trying to find out where in the cemetery they are buried. I know from a family genealogy that they have grave markers, although, the information above makes me concerned over the care and condition of the markers. The names of my ancestors are David Shepard 6 Mar 1774 – 25 Nov 1840 and Sarah (nee Cone) Shepard 16 Dec 1780 – 19 May 1857. I live in Chicago, but plan to visit Hartford to do some family ancestry research later this year. If anyone can point me in the right direction on how to go about locating my ancestors’ graves, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

  11. Kat

    Stephen, you can look around the graveyard, your ancestors MAY be in the front where a lot of the older stones are. However, if they are broken or buried in weeds, it’s going to be tough. and forget about finding the RECORDS NOBODY in the whole city of Hartfor seems to have the records of who is buried WHERE..


  12. Whitney http://www.worthystyle.com

    I am wondering if anyone has been here recently? I have a significanly large family plot in the back corner uphill – the BRANDT section with a huge marker stone covered in engraved ivy. We all live in the deep South now and hope everything is OK up there!

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